"Who Am I"

Who is Niek Nijsen? For one, I'm the person behind this website. But there's more...

A short bio

I was born on Nov. 14, 1989 in the east of the Netherlands. During my youth I played many sports at a high level, such as field-hockey, competition swimming and gliding. In my teen years I started looking for more, becoming a member of the youth committee of the local hockey club and being one of the Dutch representatives at the "International Air Cadet Exchange" for 2 years.

During my time in university, I started my own business in photography, as well as being a private chauffeur and member in many committees. Not only did this teach me how to interact with people professionally, it also helped me build a large network of clients. Being driven to push further, I had to overcome many problems to achieve this. Through hard work, seizing opportunities, speaking multiple languages and doing what had to be done, I managed to reach my goals successfully.

Both in my personal and professional life, I'm what some call a perfectionist, trying to achieve the best result possible. It's what makes me go the extra mile.


2014 - 2016
Bristow Helicopters Ltd. | UK
O&G Ops. conversion
SAR Ops. conversion
Sikorsky S92 Type Rating
NVG certification
2011 - 2014
Bristow Academy | Titusville, FL. USA
EASA CPL(H) with ATPL(H) theory & FI(H)
FAA CPL, IR & FI (all Rotorcraft)
2008 - 2011
University | Groningen, the Netherlands
Technology Management
2002 - 2008
High school | Enschede, the Netherlands
Natural Siences & Technology with Economics and Management & Organization

A short, limited overview of my résumé can be downloaded here (.pdf).